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Ibiza (Pronounced e-beeth-a)

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First let me start out by saying that when Cat and I were planning this little get-a-way we made a list of the places that we had to go. On this list... Rome, the Eiffel Tower, the home where Anne Frank hid etc. Cat added Ibiza. It has been a dream of hers to come here for um, her entire adult life. So, I hoped that this jaunt onto some random island in the Mediterranean would fulfill her very high expectations. Believe me, it did!

I am writing to you from the home of a Spanish woman named Angela on the island of Ibiza. It´s a tiny island off of the eastern coast of Spain. We had to pull an all nighter Thursday in order to catch our 7am flight out of Madrid (ouch!). We made our first flight fine as well as our second but on the second flight Cat & I were sperated, window seats on either side of a row. In between us sat 2 men, a woman and a child. I had the luck of sitting, pinned to the wall, next to the men. Im not sure what nationality they were but they smelled so strongly of exotic spices and body odor that it was all that I could do at 9am to keep myself from vomiting. Just the thought of it makes me dry heave.

We arrived in Ibiza and rode the bus to Ibiza town where we met our host at a statue by the port. She had to return to work so we hoofed it to her apartment just a few blocks away. She is a single woman that lives in a 4th story apartment. Cat and I are sharing a room that only has a fouton in it but we have our own bathroom which is so nice. We took it easy the first night because we had stayed up ALL night Thursday and were f*ing exhausted.

Saturday we woke up early and started to walk. We went to find a nacropolis that dates back to 500bc but took a wrong turn and ended up by the ocean. This little coastal town is known for the large fortress that is located by it´s port. It´s called Dalt Villa. We hiked up god knows how many cobblestone stairs in this ancient stairwell to the top of the wall that protects the city still. There was no one there. I am sure that once we get to some of the more popular places on the European mainland that we´ll be met with lines and crowds but the only people that we saw was a group of 4 Italians. The whole place is so well maintained and people actually still live within the fortress walls. I try to explain it but there are just no words. As a side note... my butt is burning. I am going to be in the best shape when I get home from all of this walking and CLIMBING SO MANY STAIRS!!!

After Dalt Villa we walked across the main port-harbor-marina and found a beach. There were very few people there but the sand was white and the water was turquoise, teal blue. It was so untouched compared to the over run beaches of Hawaii. We just sat there and enjoyed lunch which by the way consisted of pechuga de pavo (turkey) mozerella cheese and crackers. This has become a staple for us. We eat it for at least 2 meals a day. I read a book, Cat wrote in her journal. It was nice. Then it was SIESTA time!!!! I love the whole concept of Siesta! Cat usually spends some time on the computer but I always take advantage of country mandated rest time during the middle of the day. It´s a narcolepts paradise! That evening we made dinner at our hosts´ home then got ready to experience Ibiza´s legendary night life.

Our couchsurfing host directed us to an area where there were a few ¨early¨ bars. We found one named La Cava. It was beautiful. Lots of white with red and blue lights. I said ¨thank you¨when we were seated and automatically the man who escorted us to our table began speaking understandable English (thank god). His name was Javier. He was Venezuelan and extremely good looking!!!!! He asked us where we were from and actually knew Utah, Karl Malone and the Utah Jazz. We had amazing mojitos and tapas as well as some tasty shots (gold rum and honey try it!). After La Cava we took a cab to a club called Pacha. It was about 1:30am and were still part of the early bird crowd. We did however get to meet Zach Hansen´s future husband, a dancer for the club that was clad in a large sexy tattoo, leather pants, a fedora and washboard abs. I warned Cat that I was a terrible dancer before we came to Ibiza but, thanks to Javier´s rum honey shots I found the beat and we ended up dancing like crazy people till 5:30am.

Just when we thought that Ibiza had given us all that it had to offer, we saw the most amazing person at lunch today. We have walked all over Ibiza and somehow this little gem was sitting in the cafe right below the apartment that we are staying at. A combination of daisy duke shorts, pantyhose, colorful cowboy boots, white wife beater tank bearing a not-so-attractive midsection, bad make up and a red g-string rising out of the front and back of the shorts made me seize. Did I mention that this was a man??? I apologize if you just threw up in your mouth a little bit but I had to share.

Anyway... tonight it´s off to Barcelona where we´re spending our first night at a hostel in the Gothic distric (historic goth, not whips and chains. Get your mind out of the gutter) then we are hoping to find someone to couchsurf with. After this great couchsurfing experience we figure that it´s an amazing way to save money.

Te Mando Mucho Besos
(Im sending you many kisses)
Love Love

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Turks and Tapas!

Our awesome last night in Madrid!

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Our last night in Madrid was just as wonderful as the first. After our day of sightseeing, and a mid day siesta, Aud and I went to the Plaza Mayor to find our friends at the Turkish futbol rally. When we arrived, there were hundreds of people in red and gold yelling that song (wish I knew the name of it) over and over and over....for an hour. As I stood on a bench to get a picture of the sight, I realized that there was also a SWAT team attending the festivities. Aud and I stood on the outside of the circle of "Policia" to make sure we weren´t about to be in the middle of anything deadly. Then Aud makes a very astute observation. She says to me "I think they are just here as a precaution. They don´t have their helmets on or the big plastic sheilds. If there was going to be an issue, they´d have full riot gear." Such a good point. We found our friends and enjoyed a beverage with them before the whole crowd (including the Policia) marched to the stadium. There was one random Turk that asked us where we were from. We said USA. So in the very little English that he spoke he starts chanting "Ahhhhh!! USA! Obama Barrack, Obama Barrack!" He was chanting in a friendly manner so we found it quite hilarious.

That evening we went to dinner with Meghan from Kansas City, her brother Diego (that now lives in Austria) and his girlfriend Yanna (who is from Berlin). We drank spanish red wine and had Tapas. They invited us to a house party in Madrid (Diego has several friends there). We opted against it because we had to catch a shuttle to the airport at 3:30 AM. They walked us back to the hostel and we exchanged information. They told us that if we want to come to Austria, we have a free place to stay. Two days in Madrid and we already have new friends!! After we packed our bags, we went down to the hostel bar for a gigantic cup of sangria. While we were chatting away, a girl came up to us and said "May I join you, I´m by myself and really bored." I thought that was the coolest thing ever! I would probably not be so brave. She was in route to Morroco, but was not aware that she needed a visa. They sent her to Madrid, where she is now waiting for her visa. Alone. At 19 years old. I would´ve been terrified!

I hope the rest of our trip goes as well as our stay in Madrid. We are currently in Ibiza and will be headed to Barcelona tomorrow evening. I told Aud that she needs to start writing the updates too. For one, I think it would be cool to have two points of view on the trip. Two, I don´t want any of our readers to think I´m a computer hog. Until next time.......



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Ok.....so I have less than 20 minutes to give you a great update because this hostel has a limit on the computers and I can already feel at least two people glaring at my back. Everything has been fantastic. Madrid is awesome and super easy to navigate. We made it all the way to our hostel from the airport without asking for help....and we had to switch trains about 3 or 4 times. Our first day we just wandered around near our hostel, grabbed some lunch and took a snooze. While we were getting ready later that evening, Audrey made friends with a girl named Meghan from Kansas City in the bathroom. Her fellow travelers were stuck on a train somewhere so she joined us for dinner. We found a cute little restaurant and had Sangria and Epenadas. We´re trying to keep it as authentic as possible. While hanging out and chatting at the hostel bar a guy from Turkey (Ugar is his name) started chatting with us. He actually worked abroad in Atlanta for a few months. He and some friends are visiting for a soccer game this evening....Turkey and Madrid I believe. They started singing a song that they all sing during the games and it became very obvious that there were lots of people staying at our hostel for the same reason because about 20 other people joined in. They did it again later when we were all walking down the street and I actually got it on video. Today we walked around Madrid and saw some incredible places. We went to the Museo de Prado and saw artwork from as far back as 180 AD. We then went to the Palacio real de Madrid. The rooms of this palace were unreal. No photography was allowed but thanks to the huge guided tour obstructing the guards view and Audrey's no flash sneaky camera skills, we were able to get a few pictures. I have to cut this short because my time is up. But it looks as though most of the hostels will have internet so hopefully Audrey and I can update you often.



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2 weeks and counting.....

Making our lists and checking them twice!

14 days from right now, Aud and I will be enjoying our first night in Madrid. I can not put into words how excited I am. I know Audrey is just as excited. We call and text each other multiple times a day making sure we haven't forgotten to pack something or buy something that's a necessity. This will be a first time to Europe for both of us....and a first time backpacking too! We've booked the plane tickets, our first nights at hostels, as well as Eurail passes. We've agreed on a handful of places that we absolutely must see. Paris for her, Ibiza for me. We were both dead set on Rome, Munich, Barcelona, and Amsterdam. As for the stops in between, that will be as much of a surprise for us as it will be for you all. We've got 64 days to fill so I think it will be interesting to see where Europe takes us. We decided to purchase the cheapest flights we could find...which just happened to be from Newark to Madrid. We're going to meet up in New Jersey and stay with my cousin, in addition to seeing some old friends from the cruise ship. A perfect way to start the adventure!! Wish us luck!!

<3 Cat

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